If you’re like me, money is not your favorite topic to tackle. As authors, we are entrepreneurs and small business owners and wear a whole host of other hats. It can be, frankly, really intimidating.


I’ve done a lot of research on how to make my business successful, and I’m all about paying it forward, so I’ll keep an ongoing list of resources that I’ve found really helpful on my journey. You can find them below.


In addition to that, I’m offering 2 spreadsheets that are designed to help you track your income and sales in a way that’s pain-free and won’t give you a headache from fighting with Excel!



Monthly Advertising and Sales Tracker


This spreadsheet is designed to track your month-to-month indie sales across the main retailers, as well as keep track of the money you’re spending on advertising. It’s a great resource to see if the ads you’re spending money on are making a difference in sales.



Quarterly Profit-Loss Spreadsheet


This spreadsheet is all about the money! It’s designed to meet the needs of traditional, indie, or hybrid authors, and will track:


  • Quarterly net and gross income
  • Monthly expenses
  • Up to five different traditional publishers
  • Sales from Amazon, Draft2Digital, iTunes, and Kobo
  • A section of Misc income
  • Annual net and gross income
  • Annual expenses
  • A section to set a budget for expenses
  • The ability to set monthly and quarterly income goals
  • The ability to track income versus what you made in the same month of the previous year


HB90 3 Day Bootcamp


Heart and Breathings (Sarra Cannon)




Business Shet with Mimi G


Call Your Girlfriend, ep: Boss Ladies



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